Next Edition: 3DimPVT 2013

We are proud to announce that the next 3DimPVT 2013 will be held June 29 - July 1, 2013, in Seattle, Washington, USA, following CVPR in nearby Portland, Oregon.
Brian Curless at the University of Washington will serve as general chair.
The submission deadline is expected to be mid March 2013. Please stay tuned for more details, and please plan to submit! 

The interest in acquiring and creating 3D representations of the world is ever increasing. 3DimPVT provides a premier platform for disseminating research results covering a broad variety of topics in the area of 3D research in computer vision and graphics, from novel optical sensors, signal processing, geometric modeling, representation and transmission, to visualization and applications. This year 3DimPVT will be collocated with the 3D-TV conference, which follows 3DimPVT in the same venue at ETH Zürich, allowing participants to attend two conferences on 3D research in computer vision, graphics and transmissions. In addition, for overseas travelers planning to attend ECCV 2012 in Florence (Oct. 7-13), Zürich can function as an efficient hub with direct connections to many places worldwide, as well as three daily flights to Florence.



Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:


  • 3D cameras and sensors 
  • Real-time 3D systems
  • Automated view planning
  • 3D sensor calibration
  • Image-based modeling
  • Shape-from-X 
  • Shape and appearance modeling
  • 4D capture


  • Image and video-based rendering
  • Interactive modeling
  • Augmented and mixed reality
  • 3D printing and rapid prototyping
  • Psychophysics of 3D sensing


  • Geometric signal processing
  • Multi-resolution 3D representations
  • 3D shape retrieval and recognition
  • Shape analysis and morphology
  • 3D compression and transmission


  • Reverse engineering
  • Dimensional inspection & metrology
  • Cultural heritage & architecture
  • Medical Robotics
  • 3D television
  • 3D tele-immersion
  • Forensics and security

An International Program Committee will review the papers. The conference will be held in Zurich, Switzerland. Accepted papers will be presented in single-track oral and poster sessions. Full details on the paper format, electronic submission procedure are available at: and details on conference venue will be available soon on

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